Keith Underwood 1-6-2013 Workshop

Alexander Technique with Kathe Jarka

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Keith Underwood 3-5-2013 Workshop

Mozart, Liebermann, the bag .... questions from the field ....

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So, my question for Keith would be two-fold:

1) I'd love to see a view of Keith's embouchure from this angle, close-up, while playing: a few low-register notes, a few mid-register notes, and a few high-register notes, then a 3-octave scale or two,then some octave jumps up/down.

Well, and if I'm being greedy, maybe an angle from the front too, but definitely the side-view to see how much of the hole is covered for each register/during jumps.

2) To me, Trevisani seems to stay way out over the flute, even in the low register--in Kieth's opinion, is this unusual? Do most flute players do this?

Trevisani is supposedly Galway schooled who is supposedly Moyse/French schooled, so did Moyse play this way? Other French players? Are there

still different methods/schools for embouchure placement? Or does each person do whatever works for them?


click here to view Nadine Hur’s embouchure -- she is one of Keith’s favorite flutists.

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