Keith Underwood 1-6-2013 Workshop

Alexander Technique with Kathe Jarka

Keith Underwood 9-9-2014 Workshop

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video (i)
Hand postion 
Tom Nyfenger finger exercise
Faure Piece for flute, oboe or violin
Smoother vibrato
Embouchure/head position 

video (ii)
Flute 101
Body, shoulder alignment
Finger breaths/Articulation
Tongue position ´å la Joe Allard &
Claude Gordon

video (iii)
Articulated finger breaths
Rampal's set up
Dorky cave squirrel

video (iv)
Baroque flute
Bach Partita in a minor
Baroque articulation
Interesting historical factoids

video (v)
Richard Carte & 19th century articles
19th century articulation
Rachel Brown - articulation "territory"
Julius Baker - physical opposition

video (vi)
Opposition - spinning to the right, spinning to the left
Old flutes rock!
Julius Baker - opposition 

video (vii)
More on opposition
Q & A

video (viii)
Nose or mouth breath?
Air -- under/over the tongue

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