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Keith Underwood 5-11-2012 workshop  Breathing

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Keith Underwood  11-11-2014

Rachel Brown, tonguing, double tonguing, flute treatises

Various articulation syllables

From Drouet to Rachel Brown

Forward Linear Vibrato, Faure Fantasie, Breathing Tube

Anchor Breathing, articulation, breathing, vibrato, lift into the breath

Air stream direction when using different syllables, blowing to the right.

Keith Underwood  1-10-2015

Alexander Technique -- TONS OF STUFF; How AT can benefit your fluting playing!

Telemann Sonata in F Major

Widor Suite, Mvt. 3

Alexander:  stand placement, eyes, bag and breath builder and much more!!!!

Keith Underwood  1-11-2015

More on AT -- THIS STUFF IS THE BEST!  Not Just for Flutists!
Reinecke Undine Sonata

Keith Underwood  11-10-2015

Whispered AH !  Pharynx versus Larynx!  What a difference this makes in your sound!
 Taffanel & Gaubert No. 4
Pagannini Caprice No. 5

Developing Your Voice

Keith Underwood  9-8-2015

Welcome Back Students!  The ABCs of Fluting

Video 1.  Taffanel & Gaubert No. 4
Judy Mendenhall’s Flute Olympics, breathing

Keith Underwood  1-9-2016

Alexander with Rebecca Keuhl
Whispered AH !  Pharynx 
Shape of Excerpts  (versus metronomic)
Peter & the Wolf

Keith Underwood  1-10-2016

Martha Locker, Piano

hand position, trills, elbows, wrists

chirping revisited

Ha Ha Ha (behind the nose) and much more

Keith Underwood  5-2016

single double tonguing

double- double tonguing