Keith Underwood 1-6-2013 Workshop

Alexander Technique with Kathe Jarka

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Keith Underwood  1-11-2015 Workshop

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Linda Mark, Prokofiev; Rebecca Kuehl, Alexander Technique

KU 1-11-2015 (1)

Prokofiev Sonata with Becky Kuehl and Linda Mark,  Julius Baker's Bach C major Allegro  - note groupings, micro phrases  (when slowed down)

KU 1-11-2015 (2)

How to double tongue ala Baker via Prokofiev Sonata  (Scherzo)

KU 1-11-2015 (3)

Veronica Salkin, Singer, working with finger breaths, whispered Ah/Fahhh, AT

KU 1-11-2015 (4)

How singers can breath (and sing) more efficiently using the breathing bag and ping pong breath builder

KU 1-11-2015 (5)

Taktakishvili Sonata, How to produce a “singing’ sound, fricatives

KU 1-11-2015 (6)

Improve vibrato using the breath builder; Tonging improves using the breath builder; The BAG works on young flutists too!

KU 1-11-2015 (7)

Using the bag - blow through lips, suck through lips: Tonguing on the bag; Griffes Poem -- Baker "mouthy" versus tight corners; Learn Taffanel #12

KU 1-15-2015 (8)

Griffes Poem

How to produce a smoother,  in-tune shimmery sound,

Baker's hands - roll the flute out with hands by manipulating flute with finger tips

Use chin, open teeth for high notes